Are all CRM systems crappy in regards to UX and bigs?

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If so, why is that? What is preventing anyone from doing something "modern" from scrap?

I am a user, not a distributor and deployer. We generally have a big amount of dislike and animosity towards CRM, even though we work in IT. Because it takes up much more time than needed, because it's slow and buggy.

Currently, we are using Dynamics.

I am asking because I want to know where to point fingers. Our CRM guys always just shrug and say it's not up to them.

But there are some glaring bugs. Like, weekends do not count as vacation, we don't work on weekends, company-wide. They introduced an option to set vacation FROM – TO data, instead of having to do each entry one by one. But, the stupid system counts weekends as vacation.

The default view when opening to see our entries only shows entries made in the last 3 weeks, so people often forget about the entries that they had made sooner than that.

Sometimes the wrong project or invoice status is saved.

Sometimes it crashes when trying to edit an entry.

Are our dynamics CRM guys just lazy, or o not have enough time, or is the product really that bad?

I don't remember the previous system we used, but it was much worse still.

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