Power Apps Portals Licensing update: Microsoft adds high-volume pricing tiers

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Microsoft’s latest licensing update for Power Apps Portals has added new pricing tiers for high-volume portals.

“One of the challenges we always had was when someone would say ‘I’m going to have a million users a month and they had the $2 per login price,. People would calculate some pretty astronomical costs for portals and it just wasn’t realistic,” said Nicholas Hayduk, Microsoft MVP and founder of Engineered Code, at a recent Portals Community Call event. “In the real world, Microsoft never charged that much for anything anyways. But it would always require you to get in touch with Microsoft and work out a deal with them.”

The new pricing levels, Tiers 4 and 5, bring lower rates as authenticated user counts rise. Previously, the lowest cost was at Tier 3, which offers $.70 per login ($70 per every hundred logins per month) at a volume of at least 5,000 logins per month.