Top Instagram Business Profiles You Must Follow for True Inspiration

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When it comes to Instagram marketing for your business, you can gain some new ideas or perspectives by looking at other brands on this photo-sharing app. You can draw inspiration and can implement some of the strategies without directly copying content. You need to plan your Instagram content that relates to your business and audiences.

According to an article published in Huffington Post, there are many ways to boost your Instagram marketing 10 times. First things first, you need to create and improve your IG account with an identifiable and searchable user name, if you have a business profile on Instagram.

When you need some inspiration from business IG accounts, it is better to look up a profile from different industries. Here are some of the best business IG accounts for your inspiration:


This brand is popular for its steak burgers and frozen custard with an Instagram follower count of 41.8k users. It is the biggest restaurant chain in the US across various locations in the country. You will find stunning photos of delicious food on their IG account and the brand likes to highlight Freddy, the owner of this food business chain.

The brand uses authentic content that is relevant to its business value. The content shows that even though you grow big – you can still be down to earth and build a happy community surrounding your brand.

You can use the social media marketing strategy of Freddy’s chain of restaurants. Create Instagram content that focuses on your staff, it could be the CEO or the employees. Highlight the work culture of your business through Instagram photos and videos. Instagram Stories is the right tool to make the most of this opportunity. Show team outings, picnics, as well as celebrations like events, anniversaries, conferences, and more.

Lush Cosmetics

Lush Cosmetics has 4.4 million followers on Instagram. It is a popular beauty brand known for manufacturing green products as well as production norms. Additionally, they collaborate with charities as well as businesses to promote green habits to make this planet a better place to live in. If you visit their IG page, you can see posts highlighting conversations between sharks, the brand attenuates on sharing useful information about their eco-friendly initiatives in their IG Stories, feed, and bio.

You can follow suit by sharing IG content about any charity or business that you work with closely to support the green movement. When your followers see that your business promotes the use of safe and green beauty products, they will support your brand so that they too feel helping as well. This way, when you create posts that support the green initiative, you can buy Instagram comments.


This brand has 2.9 million Instagram followers to its credit and is a renowned workout apparel business. If you look at their IG content, their key focus is motivation. Fitness freaks and health-conscious people will like this brand’s Instagram photos and videos. That is because the more they exercise, the more interest they will show on Lululemon’s IG feed.

The brand shows people using their merchandise in a fun-loving way in groups. The photos show that people are having a fun time. The motivational posts make people moving and buy the brand’s fitness apparel in real life.

You can display how people can use your health products and benefit from them through Instagram images and videos. Make your content simple and easy to understand if you are dealing with fitness products. It is another thing to view a product image, but seeing it used by another person makes the experience more inspirational and dramatic.


This Swedish furniture brand has 1.9 million Instagram followers and all love this company for its products. IKEA displays its products on Instagram and they use a creative way to tell people where precisely they can purchase their products in the images.

If you look at the caption section of the posts, the final sentence mentions “Shop our IG pictures” and this directs customers to the link. The brand has used Curalate to design a landing page that connects all people in their images directly to their furniture items, on the product page of their business website.

You can use Curalate, but you will find other ways to build an IG-specific link in your bio section of Instagram. For instance, Linktree lets you build multiple links in the bio segment of your Instagram page as well as Leadpages, which helps you design a landing page to direct your IG followers to buy your products.

Add a link to your bio other than your site’s home page. Make sure your audience is directed to the right landing page and product pages to buy your stuff.


Following other popular brands on Instagram will give you loads of ideas to promote your products, generate traffic, ensure leads, and eventually, sales. These are just a few examples of brands. There are other popular brands that you can follow and be inspired and create stunning IG posts.