Any CRM solved WhatsApp native integration – for WA multi-user, WA messages, WA history and WA calls?

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Hi CRM experts.

Can you please recommend an SME CRM system that integrates WhatsApp native (not WA Business API – like Sirena), allowing:

  1. multiple users handling a WA number activity?

  2. send (multiple) WA messages (automated bulk messaging)?

  3. can save WA messaging activity (history) into the CRM?

  4. call up WA numbers via the CRM? (and save WA calls into CRM)

Ps. Sounds simple, but we have looked into Hubspot, Sirena App, AmoCRM, Freshdesk w Whatcetra, Zoho w. Peaky Assist and OnePageCRM – no one ticks more than 3 of 4 issues with the WA native version.

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