Troubleshooting OmniChannel Engagement Hub: Setup Issues

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I’m a huge fan of the Omni Channel Engagement Hub. You may have gathered this fact if you’ve read previous blogs, seen previous posts or watched me demo the product. I see the Omni Channel Engagement Hub as a game changer – it’s much easier to get up to speed with than it’s counterpart USD (Unified Service Desk) and it has so much more to offer than standard D365 Customer Service. Omni Channel was demoed at the recent Microsoft Business Applications Summit (if you missed it you can catch up on it here) and I hope this will have whet the appetite for more people to start looking into how they can adopt this product.

With that being said, Omnichannel is not perfect, there are some issues which I have faced and numerous people have also faced during their setup and configuration of OmniChannel. To hopefully make the future…

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