Versapay’s Solupay Payment Solution for NetSuite Integrates Seemlessly

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Versapay’s Solupay Built for NetSuite payment solution integrates seamlessly with NetSuite to provide you with everything you need to process customer payments, offer diverse payment methods, lower your processing fees, automate manual processes, enhance security, and increase revenue.

Versapay’s Solupay for Netsuite Payment Solution and ARC Portal now deliver a seamless payment experience. Providing your customers an easy way to pay you and giving your Accounts Receivable department powerful and advanced automation tools. To begin, we’ll create a new customer in NetSuite to show how it synchronizes with ARC. On the customer info page, enter the required information such as name, shipping address, and phone number. When you click Save, the customer record will be created in NetSuite. If we login to the ARC Portal and do a search for the same customer, you’ll notice they’re automatically listed in ARC.

Generating an invoice: Returning to our Customer Record within NetSuite, let’s create a new invoice from the menu. You’ll enter the required invoice information, such as the location and the item that the invoice is for. Upon saving, the process of synchronizing the invoice into ARC begins. In the ARC Portal, you’ll see we have that same invoice and pdf that we created in NetSuite.

Making a payment on the invoice: Click the Pay button at the top, and proceed to use the card already on file or enter a new payment method. Once the charge is confirmed and we see the confirmation, we know that the payment was successful.

Comparing the same invoice at NetSuite: If we go to the Invoice, notice the status now reflects that it has been paid for the full amount. To find the payment information, go into Related Records. By clicking on the Payment Date, we’ll be able to view the payment details. Navigate to the Versapay tab to find all the ARC information collected in NetSuite, such as the Token, Payment Method, Cardholder Name and any other pertinent details. You’ll see that the payment through ARC is now reflected in NetSuite.

This is just a quick overview of the seamless ARC integration with Versapay’s Solupay for NetSuite solution.

For more information about Versapay’s Solupay for NetSuite, click here.