Looking into what Microsoft Viva can mean for learning and development

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Earlier this year, Microsoft launched Microsoft Viva – an “employee experience” platform aimed at providing a one-stop shop for communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights.  Microsoft Viva Learning, a module within the larger platform, serves as a content aggregator that uses AI to recommend when employees might want to take training courses and other microlearning content.

Viva Learning offers a whole new set of opportunities for learning and development leaders, and while this might seem like it could compete with existing learning management systems (LMS), the reality is that Viva is more of a complement than a competitor. Here’s a look at what Viva and Viva Learning offer, how they fit in with your existing LMS, and what this platform portends for the future of learning and development functions.

Viva and Viva Learning

Microsoft describes Viva Learning as a tool for “empowering people to grow and businesses to thrive by bringing learning into the flow of work.” The idea behind it is that learners should be presented with the relevant learning material at the right time and in the right place.