Azure Updates: Icon update; IoT Central; Site Recovery; CMMC Level 3

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Senior product marketing manager Erin Zefkeles announced a redesign of the Azure “A” icon. The change comes as part of Microsoft’s Fluent Design approach, with the goal of creating icons that are highly recognizable to customers.

IoT Central has added Central API service, generally available, with access options through the production v1.0 endpoint. The API allows customers to manage API tokens, create and manage DTDLv2 device templates, list user roles, and update users.

The Azure team issued a number of database updates in recent days. PostgreSQL-Flexible Server for PostgreSQL 13 is in public preview, together with managed PgBouncer (including Hyperscale-Citus). Other database and development announcements include PostgreSQL minor versions support, NetApp Files Application Consistent Snapshot Tool, capacity calculators for Cosmos DB API and MongoDB, and the MySQL-Flexible Server PowerShell module preview.