How Nimble Helps Semrush Take Their Influencer Marketing to the Next Level

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Company Name: Semrush

Company Size: 900+employees across 5 countries (USA, Russia, Cyprus, Poland, and Czech Republic)

Industry: Digital marketing

Use Case: Contact Management, Influencer Marketing

Customer Name: Nicole Ponce

Title: Influencers Manager


Features: Segmentation, Saved Filters, Custom Fields, Email Templates, and Nimble Prospector

Semrush is a leading online visibility management SaaS platform that enables businesses globally to run search engine optimization, pay-per-click, content, social media, and competitive research campaigns and get measurable results from online marketing. 

Semrush offers insights and solutions for companies to build, manage, and measure campaigns across various marketing channels. 

“The main use-case of Nimble CRM for us is influencer marketing,” says Nicole Ponce, Influencers Manager at Semrush. “Nimble is primarily managed by about five members of our marketing team. However, I know that Nimble is viewed by and used as a resource by over 300 people across our company worldwide.” 

It goes without saying that a company that wears so many hats needs a tool that does exactly the same. This is why Semrush decided to use Nimble CRM to work better together across the board and build better relationships with the influencers within their social ecosystem.  

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The Challenge: Contact Organization & Effective Filtering

Before implementing Nimble, Semrush struggled with figuring out how to organize and track relationships and conversations with the influencers and experts they were engaging with. They were looking for a unified system that stored important information about key prospects and customers, as well as information about all collaborations in one place. They also needed a tool that could be easily accessed by anyone on their team. 

“The biggest thing was organizing certain profiles,” explains Nicole. “The team managing influencers was completely new, so it became a balance of how to track the conversations and relationships we have with these experts, and how we place that information into one place and keep track of those conversations. As well as how to build out the profile of each expert, whether they be bloggers or someone just thinking about backlinks. 

“We were just trying to figure out how to keep those expert profiles and conversations all in one place. This is where Nimble came in and helped us organize our influencers.”

They also struggled with contact organization. They needed a program that would allow them to filter their influencers and experts by their expertise and the type of relationship they had with them. 

Nimble is a contact relationship management platform that unifies engagement history, contact data, team activities, and more into one shareable platform that everyone on your team can access from everywhere on the web. 

nimble crm contact management

nimble crm contact management

Semrush immediately saw the value in having all the cards on the table; it was pivotal to their influencer marketing strategy to be able to see every interaction that has already taken place with a given influencer in order to effectively plan next steps. 

Using Nimble as a Single Source of Truth for All Influencer Relationships

After discovering Nimble back in 2014, the Semrush team developed a contact organization process that allows their disparate regional marketing teams (spread across several continents and multiple countries) to effectively collaborate on their influencer marketing campaigns. 

The team relies heavily on the Nimble Prospector browser extension for their influencer identification process, which saves them a lot of time in terms of manual data entry. The extension allows them to input all relevant information about the influencer into Nimble straight from wherever they’re working: Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. 

“Nimble helps us ‘keep clean’ what kind of interactions we’re having with our influencers; what type of collaborations they’re planning or currently doing,” explains Nicole. “The integration with Google Workspace has been amazing for us. We also use Brand 24 to keep track of our mentions on social media.”

They can immediately qualify their influencers and use custom fields to get more granular; are they a speaker, collaborator, or professor? Semrush also uses the Lead Status field in Nimble to determine if they are a prospect, a client, or someone they gave a free account to. 

The Semrush team also heavily utilizes tags to organize contacts into groups by those that are English speaking, micro-influencers, up and coming, etc., and then uses them for easy filtering. Nimble’s Segmentation feature makes it easy for them to quickly create groups of people they want to reach out to and invite them to their various marketing events. 

“Our biggest challenge is how to track our collaborations and our mentions. So the organization factor, or knowing how to use our influencers wisely, is huge for us. We have a million different ideas in regards to how we want to work with these people. Having Nimble help us filter out those expert profiles has been super suitable for us.

If someone’s an SEO expert and wants to do a webinar for other SEO specialists specifically in the United States, because of all the filters that Nimble has and has given us, it can take me like 5-10 minutes to export this list, communicate with them all individually to promote the webinar, all through Nimble.”

Utilizing Kred Score for Influencer Scoring

Kred score is used to measure somebody’s overall social influence and how effectively one’s social media posts inspire actions such as likes, retweets, comments, and mentions. This integration can be very helpful for marketing teams that are utilizing influencer marketing and need to qualify and score influencers to work with.

The Semrush team has been using this direct integration Nimble with Kred. As their Influencer Manager, Nicole Ponce says “it’s been helpful in terms of being able to determine who from their very robust influencer database they should invite to their various marketing events.”

Semrush also uses Nimble to simplify their influencer outreach using the trackable email template feature. 

Tracking the Results of Influencer Marketing & Influencer Mentions Made Easy

“Nimble’s direct integration with Twitter allows us to easily track how much and how often influencers mention us”, says Nicole. They also use the browser extension to add information about brand mentions on other platforms in seconds. 

The Nimble Prospector browser extension enables teams to easily review contact details and all team interaction history (including past emails, Twitter conversations, events, deals, tasks, and more) to prepare for engagement and stay up to date with key contacts right from your Office 365 and G Suite inbox.

“We mostly use Nimble to filter out our influencers. Since we cover four different regions with different levels of expertise, Nimble’s segmentation feature has been a game-changer for us. 

“We also created a custom tab in Nimble under which we keep detailed information about all our collaborations with subject matter experts. For example, if somebody has contributed to our blog, we include the link to the post and the publish date on their contact record. If they were invited to any of our conferences or other events, we log this information in as well.

“This way, if anybody from our leadership team wants to see what has been done by whom on our team, they can always easily find out just by logging into our team Nimble account.”

Feedback? Love the Customer Service!

When we asked Nicole if she had any final words or any positive or negative feedback to share with our team, this was her response: “Positive feedback? 100% for your amazing customer service! Every time we report any bugs or have feedback, you guys address it right away. I have not experienced such a proactive approach with any other company, to be honest.”

As far as the things we’d like to be improved, it would be great to have a direct integration with LinkedIn because that’s where we have a lot of conversations with our influencers, but we also know that it’s not up to you to be able to do this. We are able to use Nimble Prospector as a back way to track conversations with our influencers so it’s ok.”

How to Get Started

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