How Selling from the Heart Saves an Hour a Day with Nimble CRM

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Company Name: Selling from the Heart

Number of employees: 2 – 10

Industry: Professional Training & Coaching

Location: California, USA

Integrations: Zapier

Nimble Features: Social data enrichment, Nimble Prospector browser extension, email templates, email tracking, segmentation, tagging, multiple deals pipelines

Tech Stack: G Suite, Kajabi, Nimble, Zapier, Drift

About Selling from the Heart

Selling From the Heart helps B2B sales teams unstick complex deals within their funnel.

This is why they developed sales training focused on building authentic relationships and creating value to close deals and expand wallet share. Right now, the team at Selling from the Heart is driving success inside some of the world’s largest and most successful companies in SaaS, financial services, and healthcare industries.

In this case study, we focus on business partners Darrell Amy and Larry Levine to discover how they use CRM to streamline their sales process.

The Problem CRM Software Solves:  Relationship Management

In order to run their business, Darrell Amy and Larry Levine needed a number of capabilities.

The number one capability is to generate leads and opportunities, followed by the ability to publish content and turn it into revenue. To accomplish this, they implemented Kajabi, a learning management and marketing automation platform for thought leaders.

They like that Kajabi pulls together all the main functions that they need in order to successfully run their business. It allows them to do everything from hosting their website, creating landing pages, and automating email follow-up to facilitating e-commerce for online learning. This way, they can see who signed up and what they signed up for. 

Darrell shared with our content team that the piece that was missing was the fully functional CRM that allows for engagement and setting up reminders to follow-up with key prospects and customers. “We love the Nimble platform, but we also needed a CRM to manage deals and client information”, says Darrel Amy, Growth Strategist at Selling from the Heart. 

using crm for sales

using crm for sales

“What we found in Nimble was a CRM that not only fulfills the functions of CRM that you need and are used to, but also one that makes it very easy to engage socially with the people that we came in contact with,” adds Darrell.

What Are Basic CRM Requirements?

Darrell and Larry are both well-known thought leaders. Darrel runs another business called Revenue Growth Engine. They both are regular podcast guests, speak at conferences, and have vast networks; naturally, they attract a lot of people to their websites.

When people first visit their websites, they only leave their contact information. As they move through their funnels, Darrell and Larry get more information via different forms of content. When people respond on the website through forms, the information is synced from Kajabi to Nimble.

Nimble automatically enriches the contact records of their new prospects and customers with social information. This saves a lot of time on not only research but also manual data entry.

“What we like about Nimble is that we can quickly make that connection inside the CRM to their social profiles,” explains Darrell. “So with a limited amount of information, and within a few clicks, we can quickly build that customer or prospect record and begin tracking engagement with them through email.”

CRM Integrations and Features that Complete the Customer Journey

Selling from the Heart’s process is as follows: once somebody fills out a form or downloads a resource on their website, the contact is automatically sent to Nimble via Zapier. An appropriate tag is applied so they can easily see who downloaded what, as well as who downloaded multiple resources, so they can use this information to qualify prospects.

Their prospects are divided into two main groups depending on whether they’re sales reps or sales leaders. On the sales leader level, they also want to know if it’s a small- to medium-sized company, or if it is an enterprise company.

“All this information is easily accessible within Nimble allowing us to make quick qualification decisions,” says Darrell.

New Contacts Automatically ‘Zapped’ and Organized Within Nimble CRM

Before Darrell’s team had Nimble, his partner’s inbox was flooded with emails about people downloading e-books and taking other actions on their website.

“Trying to track and keep up with all that was nearly impossible,” describes Darrell. 

Creating Searches and Segments to Qualify Prospects Within a CRM Solution

All contacts that come in from Kajabi are organized by tags based on the actions that each prospect takes on their website.

Nimble’s search feature makes it easy to create targeted, saveable searches. Both tagging and creating saved segments can be automated. All contacts are automatically tagged by Zapier.

Once saved segments are created, they are dynamic; every time a new contact gets into their database and matches the search criteria, they are automatically added to the segment. 

using crm for sales

using crm for sales

Darrell and Larry are now aggregating all of their inquiries into Nimble. “We can create a quick search in Nimble with new contacts sorted by creation date so we see who’s newly come in and can qualify them.”

using crm for sales

using crm for sales

Once contacts are qualified, the next step is to book calls with them to finish the qualification process and move them through the funnel.

Using Multiple Deals Pipelines in Your CRM Solution

Selling from the Heart utilizes two sales pipelines in Nimble: one pipeline for their Corporate Training opportunities and the other pipeline is for Individual Sales Rep training, which includes their group sales coaching as well as our 1:1 sales coaching. 

Darrel also shared with us that the contacts that are not immediately moved into their funnels are being kept in their database for further nurturing.

The fact that they are not ready to purchase now does not mean they will never be. Some of their existing contacts that haven’t turned into opportunities can also be sources of referrals so it’s important to keep them in so once there is progress in the relationship, the entire evolution of the relationship is documented and everybody in the company can review it. 

How to Get Started

If you do not have a Nimble account yet, we invite you to try it for free for 14 days.

Stay tuned for more product announcements as we evolve Nimble into the best CRM for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace teams.