Update resolved and cancelled cases (incident) without reopening/reactivating – 2021 Release Wave 1 – Dynamics 365

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To update resolved or cancelled cases we had to reopen the case record, update it and then close it back.

If we try updating case record through web service / Web API, we would get the below error

Since case is resolved and read-only, only these attributes are updatable : “ownerid”, “owneridyominame”, “owneridtype”, “owninguser”, “statecode”, “statuscode”, “modifiedon”, “modifiedby”, “modifiedonbehalfby”, “owningbusinessunit” , “processid”. If you need to edit other fields, please reactivate the case

However now with the recent update, we can now update the case information for closed and cancelled cases.


Here for the below cancelled case, we will update the title, description, and origin field.

On running the below code, instead of getting an exception

we can see the record updated.

The case form would still be in read only mode for the users.

Hope it helps..