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We chose Salesforce as best overall due to its ability to impact multiple aspects of your business, including marketing, sales, and even the IT department.


  • Operates on a cloud-based system, allowing access from anywhere
  • Provides a variety of business needs beyond CRM
  • Fully customizable to fit the needs of your business

  • Many features are price-based, so monthly subscription cost can climb substantially
  • Too much customization can be difficult for your employees, resulting in further training, and potential costs

The best overall selection on our list, Salesforce brings many of your business needs together, integrating with just about any of your current systems, such as IT, sales, customer support, and marketing. This allows you to continue using your current system, while your programs share data and centralize information for your employees. Although it caters to small businesses, it can handle mid-size and large businesses, too. Thanks to its cloud-based platform, no matter where you are, Salesforce keeps you connected to your business while allowing you to focus on your customers.

The most important feature of Salesforce is how it integrates with other software. This is a basic part of the system, but other features can be added based on your needs, such as territory mapping and a speed-dialer to name just a few.

Salesforce utilizes a learning community that consists of Salesforce experts that can answer questions. It also provides training videos and even certification programs. This is pivotal in that it allows a customer to access such information at any given time, without having to contact customer support.

Salesforce is flexible with a world-class tech support team that can tailor features to meet your specific needs. You can create customizable reports even without the help of their developers. The Small Business and Sales plans both start at $25 per month per user paid annually and can climb to over $1,000 per month when you add more users and more features.

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