Sage Intacct Ranks #1 in Six G2 Grids and Earns an Impressive 37 Badges

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The data team at Sage Intacct was on pins and needles awaiting the results of G2’s Spring 2021 Grid Reports, but the anticipation was well worth it. Sage Intacct once again earned recognition as a leader in customer satisfaction, ranking #1 in six G2 Grids and winning an impressive 37 Badges, including one of our favorites—Users Love Us.

For those of us at Sage Intacct, we know we put our customers first. In fact, Sage Intacct has remained a consistent G2 leader in customer satisfaction since 2015. One of our key company values focuses on our customers’ success. And we are thrilled the latest G2 results reaffirm our dedication to this value. We want to see our customers succeed. So much so that early in the pandemic we helped those who were struggling to reduce their subscriptions.

You may be wondering why G2 is so important to us. G2 has long been recognized as one of the leading review platforms empowering business buying decisions by highlighting the voice of customers. The platform is based on over one-million verified user reviews, which enables Sage Intacct to gain a deeper understanding of our customers and better meet their needs and expectations. G2 uses an algorithm based on customer reviews, satisfaction ratings, and market presence to score each company.

In the latest Spring 2021 Grid Reports, Sage Intacct earned the #1 spot in these six categories:

  • Nonprofit Accounting
  • Mid-Market Accounting
  • Revenue Management
  • Mid-Market Subscription Management
  • Mid-Market Subscription Billing
  • Mid-Market AP Automation

G2 Spring 2021 Grid Reports


Sage Intacct had especially notable results in the Nonprofit Accounting category winning four badges for Leader, Best Usability, Momentum, and Best Relationship. The results show nonprofit users love Sage Intacct with 94% of reviewers saying our product is going in the right direction and 89% saying they are likely to recommend us to a friend. Sage Intacct ranked #1 again in Customer Satisfaction over all competitors, earning 88 in the overall G2 score and 90 in satisfaction.

We had a strong showing in the Mid-Market Accounting category as well. For this grid, G2 ranked the performance of 37 accounting systems. Sage Intacct outranked every competitor earning the #1 spot and the Leader badge. Customer satisfaction was high with 93% of reviewers saying our product is going in the right direction. Our implementation time was also considerably shorter than competitors, allowing Sage Intacct customers to achieve results faster.

G2 also named Sage Intacct #1 in customer satisfaction for Revenue Management, earning three badges for Leader, Momentum, and Best Relationship. We had the highest satisfaction score of 93 and a momentum grid score in the top 25%, ahead of our competitors.

Sage Intacct achieved #1 in customer satisfaction in three more categories, earning Leader badges for Mid-Market Subscription Management, Mid-Market Subscription Billing, and Mid-Market AP Automation.

We also did well in the Mid-Market ERP Systems category winning three badges for Leader, Best Usability, and Best Results. We had a high satisfaction score of 96 and the fastest implementation time compared with our competitors. Sage Intacct is the only Mid-Market ERP Systems Leader with 100% cloud deployment, allowing us to achieve tremendous scalability.

Our dedication to innovation and the customer experience is evident as we topped the Usability Index in two categories this quarter—ERP Systems and Nonprofit Accounting. The criteria for this ranking is determined by Sage Intacct ease of use, ease of admin, and the ability to meet customer requirements.

And our 18 Leader badges in these categories reaffirmed our position as a leader in cloud financial management:

  • Mid-Market Subscription Billing
  • Mid-Market AP Automation
  • Mid-Market Accounting
  • Mid-Market Subscription Management
  • Mid-Market ERP Systems
  • Revenue Management
  • Nonprofit Accounting
  • Subscription Billing
  • AP Automation
  • Grant Management
  • Subscription Revenue Management
  • ERP Systems
  • Accounting
  • Subscription Management
  • Small Business Nonprofit Accounting
  • Small Business AP Automation
  • Small Business Accounting
  • Small Business Subscription Billing

Customer Feedback

At Sage Intacct, we let our customers do the talking and the results of the latest G2 Grid Reports demonstrate our commitment to transforming the way people think and work so their organizations can thrive. We love hearing what our customers have to say. Here’s a look at some quotes from Sage Intacct customers on G2:

We have been using Sage Intacct since the company’s inception. I love the ease of use. It is a very simple program to learn. I have been pleasantly surprised with the support system that is in place. On the rare occasion that we have needed support, the support staff have been friendly and helpful.”
Jeremy C, School Principal, Mid-Market

“The interface is very organized and clean. The auto-fill system is also very handy. I find it easy to enter a large amount of invoices through the ‘restore from last bill function,’ and I can quickly go back into drafts to see if I made any errors.”
Claudio M, Human Resources Assistant, Enterprise

“Uploading attachments is really easy, much better than having to paper-clip or staple receipts together. Searching for specific expenses or accounts is also a breeze, thanks to the powerful search features. Because the service is web-based, I can upload receipts and enter expense reports from anywhere, so there’s no worries about things being lost.”
Peter K, Staff Attorney, Mid-Market 

To see the full results of the G2 Spring 2021 Grid Reports, head to our website:

Kellie Pharr

Kellie Pharr

Kellie Pharr is a writer on the Product Marketing team for Sage Intacct.