Can’t Add Members to a Marketing List From a Saved View in Dynamics 365

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Can’t Add Members to a Marketing List From a Saved View in Dynamics 365
Can’t add members to marketing list from saved view

We recently found an issue in Dynamics 365 where a customer could not add members to a Marketing List From a Saved View in Dynamics 365. Read on to find out why.


My customer confirmed they had a saved view of contacts that brought up the correct records in advanced find. Second, she opened a new marketing list and went to Add Members using the saved view of Contacts. Dynamics 365 displayed the criteria and then…Boom!  Zero contacts found.  What?!  We know the criteria was good in advanced find, so what happened when we tried to use it to populate a Marketing List?


After working through testing in different ways, it was a mystery. Yes, the criteria looked a little different in the “add members” window, but all the logic appeared to still be there. Since this was a Dynamics 365 Online system, I opened a ticket with Microsoft support. After 5 minutes on the call, the Microsoft rep told me that the problem we were seeing was a known bug.  Sometimes the criteria from advanced find doesn’t translate correctly, when using a saved view to add members to a marketing list. It just happens, and not always with the same field.  In our case, it was the “Email messages (regarding)” field. There was good news, though, the workaround was an easy fix.


During our short call, the Microsoft rep told me that this issue is slated to be fixed in a future release. However, which release or when that will happen, is not yet known.  I said there was some good news and yes, we have a way to get around this problem. Simply put, compare the Saved View to  the Add Members view, line by line.  If any of the lines are not the same in the “Add Members” view, then change them so they match the Saved View. In the example below, take a look at the Email Messages (Regarding) line.  Notice that the lines are different between the saved view and the add members view.

Advanced Find:

Saved view criteria when used to add members to a marketing list:

The “add members” criteria above found zero Contacts.

Changing the Email (regarding) filter in the “add members” screen to look like this, retrieved the expected Contacts.

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