Alerts and Notifications within Dynamics 365 CRM- Create and manage them with ease!

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Alerts and Notifications within Dynamics 365 CRM- Create and manage them with ease!

Through Alerts and Notifications you can give constant update to your team. Managers in any organization can easily interact with team and get them up to date by using alerts within Dynamics 365 CRM.

So, alerts & notifications can be a very powerful tool – the only question is, what do you use them for? In principle, they can be used for practically all purposes, but it makes more sense to use them for your specific business purpose for more productivity. Getting the perfect data at the perfect time is consistently helpful.

This is where Alerts4Dynamics comes in!

Alerts4Dynamics is a productivity app for creating, scheduling and managing alerts and notifications for different entities in Dynamics 365 CRM/Power Apps.  With Alerts4dynamics – a preferred app on Microsoft AppSource – you can create, send and receive important update notification on mobile phone, web or tablet so you will never miss an update.

How do you benefit from Alerts4Dynamics?

Choose different types of Alert or notifications

Using Alerts4Dynamics you can create and manage four different types of alerts – Announcement, rule-based, record-based, and event-based alerts. The Record-Based alerts are created for individual records and in Rule-Based, alerts are created for specific conditions which can be further categorized as simple and advanced.

In the Event Based Alerts, you are able to create an alert for any event that happens in the CRM such as an alert indicating the creation of a record or on receipt of an overdue payment. On the other hand, Announcements can be used to send messages to all the employees in the organization like holiday messages or informing employees about any new policies, etc.

Send the alert notification by different modes

There are four modes in which you can send alerts in Dynamics 365 CRM – Pop-up, Form notification, Email notification, and User preference. Here, in ‘User preference’ your team or employees can decide in which mode they want to receive the alerts. Some of them may prefer Email notification to Pop-ups or Form notification. In this way, you are giving preference to their choice.

Depending upon the urgency select the Level of Alerts

Using Alert4dynamics you can prioritize the alert as per the urgency so that your team can receive alert as per its importance. The alert levels are Warning, Information or Critical. The warning level alert is used for giving warning to the users. In the Information level, alerts are used for sending information. And the critical alert is the high priority alert.

Select the Language as per your choice

In Alerts4Dynamics, you can create the alert message in five different languages – German, French, Spanish, Hebrew and English. With this, you can send and receive alerts in the language of your choice.

View the Log of alerts

Alerts4Dynamics allows you to view the log of alerts. With this you can keep track of the alerts and notifications created in Dynamics 365 CRM. You can easily know who read the alerts and who did not.

Well, this was just a quick summary. For a free trial of Alerts4Dynamics download it from Microsoft AppSource or our Website. Read more quality blogs by Dynamics 365 CRM experts here!

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