What Microsoft Azure customers need to know about NoSQL for hybrid scenarios

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Anyone that follows Azure database updates knows that Microsoft continues to supplement traditional relational databases with non-relational, NoSQL options for large amounts of indeterminate and rapidly changing data.

In its documentation on the topic, Microsoft identifies NoSQL as a great option for the cloud—as well as hybrid scenarios.

Most NoSQL DBs let you choose from either end of a consistency spectrum, from strong consistency—where you’ll get the latest data, but you may need to wait—to eventual consistency where you’ll get a fast response, but the data may be stale.

What should customers considering new database technology know about NoSQL, and particularly hybrid NoSQL scenarios? MSCloudNews reached out to NoSQL experts and Azure database pros for their perspectives.

According to Microsoft and Google certified trainer Ben Finkel, Microsoft’s growing hybrid NoSQL capabilities allow organizations to spread their NoSQL databases across the cloud and on-prem.