From the Microsoft Dynamics GP Blogs: Windows updates; Fixed asset; Credit card transactions; PO return

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This week, on the Microsoft Dynamics GP blog roundup:

  • Another Windows Update that ould get your GP client in trouble
  • How does fixed asset handle partial asset retirements?
  • How to import credit card transactions to a vendor account in Dynamics GP
  • Unable to see receipts when doing a PO return in purchase order processing

Another Windows Update that could get your GP client in trouble…

Writing on The Dynamics GP Geek Blog, Beat Bucher stated that on March 10, customers of some Microsoft Dynamics GP consultants reported that Dynamics GP would print a black box in the place where there should be a graphical object, such as check signatures or a company logo on GP reports.

That same day a Microsoft internal source stated that the issue was caused by a Patch-Tuesday update that was deployed by Microsoft for Windows 10 & Windows 1903/1909 Server releases, according to Bucher.

The patches are known under the KB5000802 & KB5000808 and should you be affected by this issue, it is recommended for now to simply un-install from the control panel the above mentioned updates if they have been installed automatically.

In Bucher’s last update about this issue on March 17, he explained the only way to fix this issue and said that the team in Fargo was actively working on the issue with the Windows team.

How does fixed asset handle partial asset retirements?

On the Dynamics GP Support and Services blog, Janelle Montplaisir stated that in the last month, she has had a number of cases regarding fixed asset partial retirements and how Dynamics GP handles the amount retired.

As such, she decided to share some information for others who might be having similar questions.