CRM for client-facing requests, not end-user support?

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I am with a company that is currently using Zendesk for end-user support requests that we receive. I have recently moved over from the end-user support team to a “Client Services” role, and our team is looking to implement a CRM system into our workflow for the purpose of tracking our request types.

We have explored the possibility of also using Zendesk, but the person I report to and myself are both on the fence about Zendesk as we have concerns with how the replies and tickets will appear to our clients.

Question here is, do any particular CRM applications come to mind that would be useful and appear more professional than Zendesk that we could use with our client base?

We’re looking for:

-Professional appearing and clean responses when answering new requests as we work directly with various types of gov’t agencies.

-Ease of use and limited technical knowledge required to use out of box

-Budget-friendly options would be preferred (have not gotten into discussions with leadership as to what are budget is exactly)

-Some reporting options (similar to the Zendesk Explore functionalities in which we can build out client-specific reports)

Please let me know if this question would be better suited for a different sub. Appreciate any insight you all may be able to provide.

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