Some Common Laws for White-Collar Crimes in Texas

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“A lot of white-collar work requires less of the routine, rule-based, what we might call an algorithmic set of capabilities, and more of the harder-to-outsource, harder-to-automate, non-routine, creative, juristic – as the scholars call it – abilities. ”

Daniel H. Pink

Records reveal that a stolen amount of more than $1500 is counted as a felony white-collar crime in Texas. For the theft of this much amount, a state jail can hold the defendant for around 180 days to 2 years alongside a penalty amount of $10,000.

White-collar crimes in Texas –

Texas is familiar with the ins and outs of white-collar crimes since 1939. Originally, it is formed to define a crime commenced by a ‘person of respectability. This impacts the significant social status of the individual, along with his/her occupation.

Now, here the debate continues on which crime type qualifies as equal to white-collar crimes. Generally speaking, white-collar lawsuits encompass a series of non-violent crimes, unethical practices committed to getting financial benefits.

Most commonly, white-collar crimes include antitrust violations, healthcare frauds, public corruption cases, credit card fraud, tax evasion, kickbacks, money laundering, trade secret theft incidents, government fraud, and intellectual property theft cases, counterfeiting, etc.

This illustrates how challenging it can be to deal with white-collar crimes. As a result, the offenders often practice some sophisticated tactics and technologies to commence such crimes. Here, an experienced Galveston criminal defense lawyer recommends understanding the law enforcement terms to manage the case better. It’s difficult for a person to identify the legal proceedings from outside of an organization. For instance –

  1. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), white-collar crimes cost more than $300 billion annually to the United States government. Generally, government authorities tend to charge an individual for white-collar crimes, but it may sanction corporate entities for the punishable crimes.
  1. The Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) received up to 4000 tips involving an array of white-collar crimes like bribes and corruption.
  1. The offender has to undergo a longer period of a prison sentence when held for financial harm to anyone in Texas. In case the defendant accepts the conduct of unethical practices while helping the ruling authorities to commence the investigation, s/he may get some relaxation in the prison sentence.
  1. When held for any sort of white-collar crime, the offender has to pay costs associated with prosecution, community confinement, home detention, imprisonment, forfeitures, and supervised release.

Some federal white-collar laws –

As per the FBI, white-collar crimes are common. Almost one in every four individuals in the United States has committed any type of white-collar crime.

The federal laws under the 18 U.S.C explains-

  1. Section 1341 (wire fraud)
  2. Section 371 (conspiracy)
  3. Section 201 (bribery)
  4. Section 1344 (bank fraud)
  5. Section 1956 (money laundering)

You need to collaborate with a criminal defense lawyer handling the legal proceedings on your behalf for all these laws.

Concluding words –

White-collar crimes are treated as yet another common legal sin charging an individual in accordance with the legal representation laws. One requires to have a reliable criminal defense lawyer by his/her side to deal with the consequences of a white-collar crime.