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I'm looking for a good CRM for a single owner/operator. Right now I have only about 100 clients, but I tend to use my CRM to keep track of Leads, vendors, referral partners. I could have a few hundred at any given time. I'm on the road all day so I need the CRM to have a mobile app, but since most of my clients are residential, the "Companies" section of the CRM isn't a must have. What I don't like that I've seen so far is the record limit. Seems some CRM's have a limit of say 1200 records, which they include any notes, deals, tasks or appointments in the record limit. If there is a limit, I'd like it to be contacts only.

What are some good inexpensive CRM's (possibly free) for a one man shop like mine? I'd also like to get into recommending a CRM to others as my company is a Cloud consulting company. We would be a small time referral or channel partner though as we don't have a lot of business clients right now. THoughts?

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