Add-on modules in ERP software and their benefits

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Add-on modules in ERP software allow companies to automate particular functions that maximize productivity.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems help businesses automate manual functions that help reduce operational costs and increase productivity. Today, there isn’t any business function that cannot be revamped using ERP software. Automation is the need of the hour and ERP systems excel in doing that. Add-on modules in ERP systems allow them to expand their base capabilities and manage functions across all business spheres. 

The most widely used add-on modules in ERP systems are listed below:

a. Sales management

b. Marketing management

c. Supply chain management

d. Finance and accounting management

e. Human resource management

f. Manufacturing management

g. Vendor management

If you are planning to implement ERP software, you might be looking to achieve specific organizational goals like:

a. Streamlining business operations

b. Maximizing productivity

c. Reducing operational costs

d. Automating manual processes

e. Improving customer relations

f. Synchronizing the functions of different departments

This article will focus on some add-on modules in ERP that will allow your business to make substantial profits.

1. Financial management add-on module in ERP software

Every business has to manage a significant amount of bills and invoices daily. If you still depend on your workforce to manage accounts, be ready to see numerous human errors and delays in processing. Sage X3 for financial services is built to automate all your finance and accounts-related problems and provides the following benefits:

a. Speedy transactions

b. A 360-degree perspective of all financial processes

c. Improved revenue

d Financial forecasts based on factual data

e. Bills and invoices are safely stored

f. Swift invoice raising

g. Integration with 3rd party tools

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2. Supply chain management add-on module in ERP software

A supply chain is an ocean that consists of many fishes — from companies and vendors to suppliers and distributors. Without intelligent software, it becomes increasingly challenging to manage all the moving parts of a supply chain, which includes the following:

a. Source and destination of products

b. Tax deductions according to country laws

c. Managing bottlenecks

d. Managing the distribution process

e. Planning and forecasting

f. Managing the supply chain in times of natural calamities and pandemics

g. Capturing real-time data and providing access to all business stakeholders

Sage X3 for supply chain management provides a comprehensive solution to all your supply chain problems. The following are the features of Sage X3:

a. Demand forecasting

b. Aftersales management

c. Distribution management

d. Logistics management

e. Shipment tracking

f. Reduced delays

g. Supply cycle planning

h. Inventory monitoring

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3. Human resource management add-on module in ERP software

No company can exist without having highly talented employees. But as your team grows, you require software that monitors employees’ activities and provides real-time reports to their respective managers. Moreover, you also need to manage other things like:

a. Yearly/Half-yearly salary increment

b. Tax sheets

c. Contract employee agreements

d. Punch-in and punch-out details

e. Automated messages to other departments

f. Raising issue tickets

The human resource management module provides a comprehensive solution for all the problems mentioned above. Following are the features of Pocket HRMS by Sage Software Solutions:

a. User-friendly dashboard

b. Cloud-based HR payroll software

c. HR chatbot that provides instant solutions for queries relating to salaries, leaves, and much more.

d. Automatic Full and Final Settlement (F&F)

e. Time tracking software to monitor employee activity

f. Instant MIS reports


Add-on modules in ERP software will significantly increase your productivity by automating all manual processes. An added advantage is that it will free your employees from doing trivial tasks like creating and maintaining reports and filling forms. Instead, they can focus on strategic tasks that require creativity and intelligence. So, if you plan to integrate add-on modules in your ERP software, Sage X3 is the best choice for you.

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