The top customer service trends of 2021

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Customer service trends are changing rapidly. It’s essential that you use CRM software to understand them accurately.

Everybody is looking at 2021 as the year that will bring an end to the deadly coronavirus. And luckily, numerous companies worldwide have prepared an effective antidote for the same. But there is another essential topic being discussed across business circles; the changing customer service trends. Business analysts point towards a significant change in customer behavior throughout the last decade, especially during the pandemic. Everything has gone online and those who fail to offer the best of the best service to their customers will go out of business. 

This article will describe the top customer service trends of 2021 and how you should plan your business.

1. Better agent experience means better customer experience

Companies worry a lot about providing a top-notch customer experience. But they forget that excellent agent experience is the founding pillar of superior customer experience. If your agents are well prepared to face challenging situations and have a pleasing personality, they will leave a lasting impression on the customers’ minds and hearts. From 2021 onwards, focus on your agents as much as you do on your customers.

Customer service trends are changing. Here are a few quick points you must keep in mind:

a. Provide world-class training to your agents.

b. Equip them with the latest software.

c. Make customer data accessible to them in real-time.

d. Share performance feedback more often with them.

e. Create flexible guidelines so that they prioritize customer experience over personal benefits.

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2. Focus on omnichannel marketing

Gone are the days when customers used to see a product for the first time in a brick and mortar store and then decide whether to purchase it or not. Today, customers research the products on the internet and also buy them from online portals. So if you haven’t moved online, you are making a grave mistake. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software will enable you to develop a close bond with customers online. It can interact and resolve their queries instantly across multiple platforms. So if your customer posts a question on your social media page and desires to receive the answer through email, the CRM software will take care of that. This way, you won’t risk losing your clients. Research shows that it’s five times more expensive to find new customers than to retain existing ones. So if you haven’t already got a CRM software, get one today!

3. C-level executives need to build a more customer-centric online profile

We live in a digital world where everyone is just a click away. Customers like to watch videos and read articles about the personalities they follow. So it’s an excellent time to create a favorable public opinion about yourself. Research shows that customers are 70% more likely to be associated with brands when CEOs have an active social media profile

This doesn’t mean that you create an account on all social media portals. But it indicates that people want to see the human side of the brands they are interacting with. 

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4. Implement best-quality software to increase your efficiency

2021 will be all about using the best-quality software. Those that will make use of advanced technology will turn into industry leaders and others will shut down. Customer service trends show that companies that use high-quality systems like CRM software are more productive, save on operational costs, and increase their efficiency.

The following are a few benefits that you will receive by implementing CRM software.

a. CRM software will do trivial jobs like form filling, thereby eliminating human errors and allowing employees to focus on issues that require human intelligence and creativity.

b. CRM software will allow you to monitor how your employees perform and send detailed reports to managers. 

c. CRM software will also suggest course-correction strategies for low-performing employees.

d. CRM software will monitor the changing market trends and gather critical customer insights.

e. CRM software will also keep an eye on what your competitors are doing and provide you insights on how you can replicate the same model.


Customer service trends have been changing rapidly, but the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated the situation. It’s imperative to watch and get hold of the changing customer behavior if you want to become an industry leader. Implement CRM software if you haven’t already and get ready to rise.

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