Advice on a CRMs which creates separate contact data to the system users instead of linking/syncing to the user data

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I’m needing to add CRM functionality to WordPress users. It’s also got WooCommerce, users register when making a purchase.

But the CRMs I found all seem to create contacts in the CRM instead of linking to the users. So by that I mean the contact is imported and so duplicated data of the WordPress user but not linked it synced with it.

What that means is, if someone logs into their WordPress account and changes any detail like email or address, it’s not synced to the CRM. The CRM will have outdated data.

I really really don’t understand the reasoning behind this, it’s several well known WordPress CRMs, and just wondered if anyone has a similar setup, are there issues or all ok?

Personally I see issues occurring due to potential customer data changes not updating in the CRM.


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