3 Characteristics to Choose the Best Explosion-Proof Electric Motor.

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For those looking to buy an explosion-proof electric motor, there are three things you must know to find the best one.

Thanks to the emphasis on the eco-friendly manufacturing process and other industrial activities, electric motors have been rising in popularity to perform a great variety of tasks in different industrial circumstances. There are also now a number of electric motors manufacturers, offering a plethora of motors suitable for different purposes.

An explosion-proof electric motor is one of those varieties suitable to be used in hazardous or extremely temperate environments such as oil pumping rigs, mining industries, turbines in the wind plants, etc.

Anyhow, not every electric motor manufacturer is the same, nor are their designs and the capabilities of the motors. There is also the concern regarding how rugged a particular electric motor is to safeguard against explosions. Therefore, as a buyer, you have to learn about a few basic things to find the best motors for your needs.

So, let’s find out the key characteristics you should consider carefully to find an electric motor perfectly designed to function in an explosive environment.

Build Quality of the Explosion Proof Motor.

When it comes to electric motors, explosion proofing is usually attained by a combination of design, the materials used, as well as some preventive features. So, go beyond the big, bold claims on a pamphlet and actually scrutinize each element of the motor to make sure it is what it claims to be.

To give you a head start, the best explosion-proof motors are designed specifically for challenging environments and are usually made using cast irons. The presence of a squirrel-cage rotor, axial ventilation, and a closed fan are also some of the usual features.

Most importantly, these motors should have an explosion-proof external structure, with the internals consisting of pressurized, anti-spark equipment.

Look for Regulatory Compliance and Certifications.

Every feature of a motor needs to be tested vigorously to find out the effectiveness of its explosion proofing. To do that, there are some independent regulatory bodies in place to offer a standard guideline and test-out the validity of a manufacturer’s claims. ATEX directive, for example, is one of those independent, regulatory body, valid for the motors manufacturers in the European Union.

The term ATEX refers to an explosive atmosphere, and thus, the directive refers to the two European guidelines that regulate the explosive atmosphere. An electric motor made in accordance with those guidelines usually receive a certification after testing, and thus, offers a guarantee for its safety.

Don’t Forget the Performance and Efficiency.

What’s the point of great explosion proofing if your motor can’t perform in a powerful and efficient way? That’s why you have to look not only for the best-in-class explosion proofing but also its performance and overload capacity, efficiency, durability, consistency, etc. The availability of features to ensure easy installations and maintenance should also be of paramount importance while selecting an explosion-proof electric motor.