Kindle Fire vs iPad 2, which Tablet is better to purchase for reading comics?

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Kindle or iPad? That’s instead a tough choice but not that difficult when we are here to sort your mind out. We have reason in favour of both. Your choice mostly depends upon when and where you want to read. The choice concerns your habits and style. Primarily it relates what you want when you read or what kind reader you are.

Many people or readers look for articles comparing various products, compare their technical specs and many other things. But what to do when you are stuck at the between two prime choices for reading books.

Both Kindle and iPad are premium for reading but what to choose? Which one is better? Don’t worry; we have it all covered. We have reviewed each of the devices thoroughly and gathered a few highlights that would give you your answer. This article is not technical as it does not compare various brands and technicalities between Kindle and iPad 2.

Both of the devices have their own merits according to their usage. Let start with what both are better for:

Thorough reader:

If you are a thorough reader and read a lot like entire weekends or full days, then kindle is the best option for you. As you can not do other things like playing games and scrolling social media except reading than using kindle would help you concentrate just on your reading, preventing all the distractions.


The battery life of the Kindle is way more than an iPad. It can easily work for a week and ore on a single recharge So if you go on weekend trips and vacations it is the best choice for you. Ipad on the other hand consumes a lot of battery, and you can’t use it continuously during the day without a recharge. You might have to sit near a charging portal to complete your reading. So, being a thorough reader, you must consider kindle.

Eye Protection:

When you read a lot or sit in front of the screen, then your eyes get strand and damaged. It weakens your eyesight. IPad uses LCD screen displays like our mobile phones that use a light source on the back to illuminate the screen and to see ahead of light damages the eyes. On the other hand, the Kindle has only black and white ink-screen that is not like an LCD, and you don’t have to feel like booking into a light source while reading books. So, choose kindle if you care for your eyes while reading.


For comics, Ipad would be the best as it displays colours and graphs and rich-text quickly. Kindle lacks pigment, so it is the best choice for reading novels and ebooks. But when your comic and book is not in pdf format, then it’s like a fixed image. You can not adjust the size of words in such a case—that is why you can go for an iPad as it is the best tablet to read comics.


If you want just to focus on reading and avoid any distractions, then kindle is for you. Many people love to focus on only reading and to avoid all the distractions then kindle is the best suitable option for you. When you are using an iPad, and any notification from other apps can distract you and divert your attention this can breathe the rhythm of your reading so that the issue when you genuinely want to concentrate on reading.

Books for kids:

If you want a device to read the books to your kids, then an iPad would be the most suitable option or you. As kids admire the colours and a colourful book is more attractive to develop their interest in reading so you can go for iPad 2 in this case, iy is also a good tablet to read comics.


If you want other varieties and functionalities to your device, then definitely an iPad is a better option. Because kindle won’t allow versatile functions and you can only use it for reading. If you want to read outside then obviously kindle is a must.


Both are good in their bays you can go choosing a kindle if you want to focus, protect eyes, novel reading and reading outside for more extended trips while choosing an iPad will allow you to be diverse in functions and more colourful reading.