How to trigger Power Automate flows from Model-Driven Power App Business Process Flows (and get a response!)

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I was working on a project the other day and the requirement was for a user of a Model-driven Power App to go through a series of steps to approve an application with a number of data points. I am not the biggest fan of Business Process Flows, (BPFs) but I felt that it did fit this particular use case.

Business Process Flow

One of the improvements of Business Process Flows in recent years is the ability to run an “Action Steps“. You add an Action Step to your stage and trigger either an Action or a classic Dataverse Workflow. In this case, if the organization submitting the application did not yet exist in Dataverse, the users could run a Workflow to create the Account record (and the workflow could update the application record Account lookup).

NAME CHANGES In case you have been living under a…

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