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Just as the title says, what I'm looking for is a CRM/CPQ which integrates well with QBO

Was looking at PandaDoc and DealHub IO if the CRM does not have CPQ capabilites.

As a business we sell software, hardware, services in the form of subscriptions (O365) and prepaid or monthly hours.

Here's what I think we need:


Prerequisites: We use QBO for accounting. So QBO integration is a must. We ideally want to use QBO in conjunction with a CRM and CPQ just to send over invoices and bills. For our use, QBO is simply used to manage accounting. We see no reason why SO/PO/QUO should be present since they do not affect the accounting element.

What needs to sync with QBO:

For Customers:

– Accounts (Companies)

– Contacts (People)

– Invoices (past, current, not yet due – for analytics)

For Suppliers:

– Accounts (Companies)

– Contacts (People)

– Bills (past, current, not yet due – for analytics)

General: All fields from QBO should be represented in the CRM ( or most relevant, such as customer PO, or Bill number – which may be custom fields in QBO).

I may be already asking for too much from a CRM. Moving on hopeful.

CRM (with CPQ maybe)

I am disappointed that not one single CRM on the market has a capable CPQ/Contract Management included. For sales, being able to do your job from the CRM, which includes quoting, versioning, sending contracts is a must. I should not be bunny hopping between applications.

However, a CRM with O365 and Ring Central integration would be outstanding.

Being able to see past communication such as emails, calls would make life worth living again.

Call recordings showing on the contacts’ timeline. Emails showing on the contacts’ timeline. Apart from the usual (notes, tasks, etc)

BONUS: If all the attached documents to emails could be stored in the contact’s document library, that would be fantastic, although I realise it’s unrealistic.

Billing in the CRM. If the CRM has CPQ included, I would like to run the whole process from there:

For Customer: Quote – Invoice

For Supplier: Quote – PO – Bill

If the CRM does NOT have CPQ included – have the CPQ manage the above process.

So is there a CPQ that can manage suppliers as well?

Subscription Management: Would be nice to be able to manage O365 subscription, cloud backup usage, prepaid hours, monthly usage from contracts.

Client Portal: Many provide support portals, but I am yet to find one that provides the sales part of a portal such as:

– See Quotes (automate reminders for soon to expire quotes)

– See Invoices – Past, due, overdue

– See contracts

– See subscriptions

– See Usage

This last part is a nice to have but not critical – A marketing module which we can use for our client DB.

Vendors are welcome to position their offering if we can do the above.

Thank you very much for your advices and time.

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