3 Ways Service Companies Can Earn Customer Trust and Keep It

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Building customer trust is an arduous task, but it takes only a fraction of seconds to lose it. Service companies, whose bread and butter depends on their customers, should pay proper attention to it. Research suggests that acquiring new customers is approximately five times more expensive than retaining the existing ones, so building customer trust should be your top priority. It has other benefits too. You get a loyal customer base who become your advocates and spread the good word about your company’s offerings far and wide. 

This article will discuss three ways of how service companies can earn customer trust and keep it.

1. Establish high customer support service standards

Companies must establish top-quality support service standards. The first step is to create a top-notch customer service team that is well trained and knows what to do. They should assist at the earliest to build robust and long-lasting relationships with clients. Understanding customer queries thoroughly and providing quick and effective solutions is what your customers expect from you. 

Today, people use different platforms to communicate and raise questions. They can post queries from their laptop but expect to receive answers on their mobile phones. Customer relationship management (CRM) software can help you provide the best quality service experience to your client base by offering an omnichannel experience.

2. Publish testimonials and customer reviews

Customers generally feel that service companies always present their offerings in a positive light. So no matter how good you talk about your products and services, customers will always have reservations in their minds. This is where testimonials and customer reviews play a significant role. 

When customers read original stories shared by previous users, they get a sneak peek into the product’s nitty-gritty — its benefits, drawbacks, plus points, and minus points. 

CRM software will allow you to integrate testimonials and reviews from multiple sites. It can also be programmed to send timely notifications to current users to post their reviews on the company’s website, social media page, or e-commerce page. 

Positive customer testimonials help you build customer trust in your brand that ultimately leads to an increase in sales.

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3. Don’t hide critical information from your customers

The best way to gain customer trust is by becoming transparent and sharing business-critical information with them. If you hide it, then you risk losing customer trust. 

Don’t copy sales gimmicks or marketing campaigns used by your competitors. We live in a well-connected world and customers can catch you if you do so.

 Write down your service policies clearly and explain them to your clients in the easiest way possible. Avoid making any exaggerated claims about your company’s offerings as it can negatively impact if you fail to deliver. Remember the following mantra: “Promise less. Deliver more”. 

Train your sales team to communicate essential information — such as pricing policy, return scheme, and cancellation charges — with prospects. Make sure that your service contract should mention all the policies clearly in simple language. 

CRM software will allow you to create smart contracts that are easy to read and edit. It also sends alerts and notifications if there is a change in the company policy that customers must know. Moreover, the CRM software monitors the market and provides business insights that will help you form competitive strategies.


A service company’s top priority is to earn customer trust. It will help you build a community of loyal customers who will spread good word-of-mouth with their peers and also provide excellent reviews and testimonials. This will positively impact the sales that will help you maximize your revenues. CRM software can significantly improve customer trust by creating smart contracts that can be edited and shared with your clients at a moment’s notice. It can also integrate customer reviews and testimonials from multiple platforms and depict your company’s positive image to prospects.

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