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I'm looking for software that will allow us to log external meetings or other activities. The idea is something like a light weight CRM. However most CRMs seem to all be sales-focused or non-profit donor engagement-focused which is not what we need. In an ideal world, we'd have a form that our team members fill out after a meeting or event where we log the external contacts who were there, the internal folks who were present, some free form notes and important dates. Attachments/pics etc. may also be important.

I've investigated using things like Microsoft Forms or Fast Field but they don't seem to deal with the human or database aspect of this well. E.g. I met with John Doe from XYZ, he should be a unique contact and any time in the future I can pick him for a future activity. I.e. type ahead while putting in a new contact (or simple search if you know he exists).

The outputs of this should be updates to a database that can interface with a dashboard or Excel that we can search by "All meetings with John Doe" or "All meetings with 'Company XYZ'" or "Internal colleague Jane Doe" etc. Not much more sophisticated reporting beyond this.

We need the database / data storage side too and not just the front end. Nominally, the database should be hosted on-prem.

Unfortunately, most CRM applications seem to be sales focused and that is not the purpose of this. Does anyone have any lightweight CRM or other software ideas that match this?

Thanks in advance!

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