Hubspot vs. Dynamics vs. Pardot for Post Secondary

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Hi everyone,

I'm investigating options for an email service provider/crm solution for the college that I work for. We will have three separate business entities using this platform (all five of our degree programs, our advancement office, and our certificate executive education office). Originally I was looking for an email service provider that could give us forms, custom audiences, solid reporting, integration with Elucian's Recruit CRM (based on Dynamics) and an easy to use WYSIWYG html email editor.

In discussions, we've decided that we are now looking for a service provider that we can grow into and use more independently than the Recruit CRM that our central university unit is using. We are eligible for some excellent Post Secondary pricing from Pardot ($7,500USD/year for 10,000 contacts, $1,500 for additional 10,000) and I was originally leaning this way as I've heard absolutely amazing things about Salesforce as a platform. One of my colleagues was suggesting that Hubspot may be a much better option, as the implementation is easier, and there are less hidden expenses. We have a few developers on hand, so I'm not overly concerned regarding the implementation.

What are your thoughts? Which system would work best?

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