Read Secret from Azure Key Vault using SecretClient class – Console App C#

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Azure Key Vault can save 3 different types of information.

  • Keys – Encryption keys (asymmetric – public/private), can be created in Key Vault or imported, stored in software or HSD
  • Secrets – unstructured text, can be created or imported, stored in the software.
  • Certificates – can be created or imported, contains 3 part – cert metadata, key and secret

Key Vault provides data protection – at rest, in transit, and use.

Key Vault provides Application Security i.e. instead of saving secrets hardcoded in the application, or the configuration files, the secrets can be stored in Key Vault.

Login to Azure Portal

Here we have generated a Secret named MyCRMKey inside MyDynamics365KeyVault

We have also provided GetSecret permission to the MyApp application registered in the Azure AD.

Let us create a console app to read the secret.

Add the following NuGet packages to the project.

Get the Vault URI and Directory ID (tenant id)

And the Client Id of the App registered

Sample source code:

We are using SecretClient class here.

Get all the details here$web/dotnet/Azure.Identity/1.4.0-beta.1/api/index.html

Hope it helps..