5 Amazing Benefits of Laparoscopic Varicocele Surgery over Open Surgery

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Varicocele is a painful condition of having abnormally large and swollen veins in the scrotum. It feels like a lump in the scrotal sac where testicles are present. Varicoceles have a tendency to grow severe over a few months and even result in  the shrinking of the testes.

In addition to this, a varicocele can also negatively affect the fertility of a male. Low sperm production, low levels of testosterone and erectile dysfunction are the common infertility issues associated with varicocele. Hence, constant delaying or procrastinating the varicocele treatment can bring along a wave of worries and health problems.

Speaking of the effective and long term treatment of varicocele, the modern surgery has turned out to be a boon. The earlier prevailing method of open surgery for varicoceles used to be quite knotty and took long time to complete. The highly intricate nature of the open surgery made it a matter of apprehension for a varicocele patient.  The common cases of infections, prolonged and painful recovery has certainly lowered the preference for varicocele open surgery.

Nowadays, both the patient and the doctor prefer laparoscopic varicocelectomy to avoid any possible hiccups during the surgery. The benefits of undergoing a laparoscopic varicocelectomy is worth putting out for more awareness among people.

5 amazing benefits of laparoscopic varicocele surgery over open surgery:

  1. 100% Painless and least invasive surgery- Unlike open surgery, laparoscopic varicocelectomy does not need any major incisions to be carried out. The surgeon just makes a couple of minor incisions and the entire procedure is minimally-invasive. Moreover, it involves minimal bleeding and since the procedure is performed under the influence of anesthesia, there is no hint of any pain at all.
  1. Minimal scarring- Open surgery for varicocele can leave behind major wounds and bigger scar tissue. Laparoscopic surgery, on the other hand, does not leave behind any wounds or long term scars. Only a few minor stitches are made that heal fast without any infections or hernia formation. Whereas, infection and herniation of the large mass of scar tissue are quite common side effects of the open surgery.
  2. Short stay at the hospital- Laparoscopic varicocelectomy is a 30-45 minute surgery. The procedure is simple and does not take up long hours to complete. And once the effect of anesthesia wears off, you can even head back home after the doctor’s examination. This is very convenient as the patient is not required to stay at the hospital for many days or weeks. It is very much possible to get back to the routine life and save the extra hospital charges as well. 
  1. No risk of complications- In open varicocelectomy, the risk of infections and bleeding is very high since so many incisions are carried out.But, this is not the case with laparoscopic varicocelectomy. Laparoscopic varicocelectomy is a safe surgery and there is no risk of intraoperative or postoperative problems. This safety can be attributed to the minimally-invasive nature of the surgery. 
  1.  Fast recovery and Permanent Relief- Laparoscopic varicocele surgery offers a speedy recovery and you can get on with your normal life in less than a week. The recovery is seamless and the patient faces minimum discomfort. And the best part is that the surgery provides a permanent solution to the problem of varicocele and there is no risk of recurrence.

Where can you get the laparoscopic varicocele surgery?

Nowadays, there are many hospitals that offer advanced laparoscopic treatment.  Especially all the major cities in India like Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, etc have plenty of hospital options. Picking from the plethora can be challenging and tricky. Therefore the decision has to be well informed and researched. One of the reliable names for laparoscopic varicocele surgery in Bangalore and other metro or tertiary cities is Pristyn Care. All their doctors and the staff members are extremely professional and competent. Visit their website to know more and book the online appointment to consult one of the best specialists nearby you.

But before you leave, we also have some really helpful and simple tips for you.

Tips for ensuring the speedy and smooth recovery after undergoing varicocele surgery

  • Rest properly for the first couple of days after the surgery. Do not rush back to work. Rather, increase your activity slowly and gradually.
  • Take a healthy and nutritious diet. Steer clear from having heavy or junk foods and eat fiber rich foods and fruits. Also, do not forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  • Try not to indulge in any rigorous activities that may strain your lower body. Do not lift heavy weights.
  • Keep your dressings clean and dry. Maintain proper hygiene of the scrotal region and change your dressings from time to time.
  • If the discomforts increase, elevate your scrotum using a couple of pillows to enhance the blood circulation in the area.
  • While carrying on with routine work, wear scrotal support or jockstrap to minimize pressure.

The Bottom Line

Occurence of varicocele is quite common in young men. But the air of stigma around a health condition related to the intimate area acts as a discouragement to open up about it. But it is necessary to understand that the more you delay treatment, the worse the condition will grow. Therefore, it is better to consult a specialist in time and open up to them about your condition. An early diagnosis and timely treatment can save you from enduring any discomforting complications  of varicocele and help you lead a happy and pain-free life.