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Hey all ! My first post here so I apologize in advance if my question is a little weird or it's not the right place.

I have been trying to switch industries as I have been quite interested in software implementation / Data Migration…

I have always worked in Finance/Accounting industry and have around 6 years worth of experience. So far, I have worked with SAP Ariba, Oracle iProcurement, and Quickbooks cloud.

My question is how to enter the Functional Analyst / Business Analyst role for CRM ? How should i mold my Resume and how should I approach recruiters as well as what type of questions should I ask when networking to have a better chance at getting hired ?

I have looked at numerous job postings and they all require extensive experience. Minimum is 5 years experience with multiple ERP software implementation along with experience with coding.

I do have 2 certifications that I thought might help me get a head start and make my chances slightly better to get hired. I got the trial version for Dynamics 365 CRM and took a course on Udemy to get some basic understanding. I recently did Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales (Mb- 210) certification and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and operations (MB6-895). I have also been learning Python for Data Analysis and Visualization (it's more applicable to finance, I guess).

I live in Canada so perhaps this can further help to give me some industry related insights and how the hiring process works and what should I do to have better chance of getting.y foot in.

Any help/advise will be appreciated …

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