Top 3 Health Benefits of Smart Water Filters

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With water being essential to our health and bodies, it makes even more sense to ‘go smart’ with your water at home.

Installing smart water filters will help protect you and your family’s health in the long-run.

Read on for 3 top perks to smart water filters.

1. Tastes Good

Perhaps one of the biggest draws to having a smart water filter is that it simply improves the taste of water.

While we might be used to unfiltered water, tasting water that has been filtered is a game-changer.

The filter will purify it, taking anything nasty away. The experience of drinking this water is more refreshing and overall pleasant.

While this is reason enough to filter your water, it also adds another perk: you will want to drink more often. And this will only add to your body’s overall health and wellbeing.

Water is essential to being healthy, flushing out your body, and keeping you full and hydrated. What’s more, by drinking filtered water using products such as Filter Smart, you are getting an enjoyable experience in the deal. Therefore, you’ll consume more of it.

2. No Nastiness

Filtering water will eradicate traces of contaminants, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals that linger in tap water.

This is of course beneficial to anyone’s health but is particularly good for those with young children at home.

Smart water filters get rid of the likes of lead, chlorine-resistant cysts, and contaminants that aren’t healthy to ingest. These include bleach, salts, nitrogen, pesticides, metals, drugs (human or animal), and toxins produced by bacteria.

There are also plenty of biological contaminants in tap water too. Bacteria, parasites, viruses, and protozoan can linger in unfiltered water.

3. Saving Money (and the Planet) in the Long-Run

By investing in a smart water filter, you’re going to be saving money on buying bottled water.

This also, in turn, helps out the planet. You are using less plastic, which is great for the environment.

By drinking water you are filtering from the tap, you will spend less money at the supermarket stocking up on professionally filtered water and you can re-use bottles or flasks at home.

This means you can take this water to the gym or to work and you will then save money on expensive bottled products when out and about.

A troubling 1 million plastic bottles are purchased in the US every minute. it’s reported that in excess of 300 million tons of plastic are produced annually and around 50% of this is thrown away after one use.

A worrying excess of 8 million tons of plastic consequently ends up in the oceans.

From Smart Water Filters to Everything Else…

Now you know some of the major perks to smart water filters, why not invest in your health, your future, and the planet we live on.

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