Transfer files from local drive to Azure Blob using Premium File Transfer Task – SSIS

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The Premium File Transfer Task component of KingswaySoft can be used to easily transfer files from local drive to Azure Blob storage.

Let us take a simple example to see it in action.

Here we will pick the folder Customers and its subfolders along with the files inside it and will transfer it’s content to the Azure Blob Container.

Create a new SSIS Package and drag the Premium File Transfer Task to the control flow designer.

Double click the task and specify the following Source Properties

  • Action – Send Files – the other options are – Delete files, Create Directory, Remove Directory.
  • Check the option – Include Subdirectories
  • Connection Manager – Local File
  • Directory Path – specify the folder

Similarly, for Destination, we can specify the Azure Blog Storage Connection Manager and the directory path as shown below

Note – Make sure we have already added the connection for it to be available inside the connection manager option of Premium File Transfer Task. The other connection types supported are FTPS, SFT, Amazon S3, Azure Data Lake Storage, Box, Dropbox, Hadoop, OneDrive, SharePoint.

Let us run the package.

We can see the content transferred successfully to Azure Blog storage

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Hope it helps..