Moving from Gmail and Google Sheets to a CRM

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Hey everyone, I have been using Gmail and Google Sheets to manage clients and send emails. As I scale my business, I am realizing the limitations of my current setup. I have been missing out on crucial statistics, and there are also several steps that I would like to automate.

I have around 30 clients right now and I have been reaching out to over 200+ potential customers via email. I was considering moving to a CRM. This is the first time I would use a CRM (yeah, I am late) so I wasn't sure if a CRM like Zoho or Salesforce would allow me to import all my existing emails, leads, and clients. I would also like to gain some insights like the list of clients who didn't reply to the first email, the average time of response, etc. I would like to get these insights on the emails I have already sent. Can I do this in any CRM? If yes, is there any guide or any resource I can refer to do this.

Some of my employees are savvy Gmail users and would like to continue using the same. We are using a Chrome extension (cloudHQ to be specific) to track when the emails are opened (I know CRMs have their own email trackers but cloudHQ has some of its own advantages). I can automate a few emails once a customer reaches a particular stage in the marketing funnel. I was wondering if any CRM can automatically prepare drafts in Gmail when the customer reaches that stage in the funnel.

It would be great if the CRM has integration with Gmail and Sheets, but what matters the most right now is the insights, statistics and automation. I thank you for reading this and would appreciate any inputs you can provide.

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