What will a Biden administration mean for cloud and data regulations?

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After a long lead-up and an intense campaign season, the 2020 US presidential election is now behind us. Democratic challenger and former Vice-President Joe Biden is widely acknowledged as President-elect, scoring the Electoral College votes needed to become America’s next president with wins in key swing states, subject to court challenges from incumbent president, Donald Trump.

While new presidents routinely change the federal government’s regulatory priorities, Democratic administrations are often seen as more inclined to institute stricter industry regulations. MSDW spoke with industry watchers about what a Biden administration will mean for cloud and data regulations.

Federalizing data protection laws

In the midst of the Trump presidency, the European Union imposed the long-anticipated General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), adding strict data controls that increasingly extend to American companies. American states have followed suit, such as California’s Consumer Privacy Act passed in 2018.

David Reischer, attorney and CEO of LegalAdvice.com told MSDW that Biden is likely follow the Democrats’ current platform and work to adopt national standards for the US: