How to publish and make Power Virtual Agent Chat Bot available for Microsoft Teams Teams.

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Hello Everyone,

In my previous blog i have shown how to integrate Power Virtual Agent with Microsoft Teams Link
So in this blog post i am going to share my experience on who to publish the Power Virtual Agent Chat bot which is built within Microsoft Teams.
Without a do, Let’s gets started.
Now that we have created that Chat bot in Microsoft  Teams see below image:

I have created Employee Enquiry Chat bot using Power Virtual Agent in Microsoft Teams as i have highlighted in the screenshot.
Now i need to publish that chat bot and share it with my team within the Organisation.
Click on the Publish bot refer to the screen shot provided above.
Now Chat bot is ready to be published to make it available, Click on Publish.
As soon as bot is published the Employee Enquiry bot is available to share with the team.
See below image published bot is available to “Open the bot in Teams” and “share bot” with your team.

Lets see how the chat bot looks in Microsoft Teams, Click on “Open the bot” refer to the above image.
You will get an option to add the “Employee Enquiry” Bot  within  Microsoft Teams.

As soon as you click on the “Add” button, “Employee Equiry” will be shown with the teams as below where an employee can communicate with bot to get the answers for his/her Enquiry about whether
1. The offices could be opened
2. Can i speak with HR Team
3. I am i still on Furlough
Lets see this in action, i am chatting with the bot like asking questions, before that i have entered “Hello”
and then the bot come back with reply like hello, how can i help you, so i have typed “When could office opened”? the bot comes with answer as per the configuration done during the designing the bot, further i have chatted with bot like “Can i speak with HR Team” and again bot answer with the configured answer, finally i have asked “I am in still on Furlough” then bot answers like to “Due to covid 19 Central Government extended Furlough until DECEMBER 2nd 2020”. then finally bot asks “Do you any more questions” with options “Yes” or “No” then i have selected the “No” then bot asked me to rate the experience of “1” being poor and “5” being Good.

Now i am going to show in action how to share bot with team.. Click on “Share with Team” button.
Another side window will popup with instructions on how to share with Teams, you can submit for  Admin Approval”, if the bot is approved, bot will appear in the Org Section in Teams.
Another option i can share with my team by clicking on the “Add to Teams” this will automatically adds my bot to the built by Colleagues section in Teams.  Finally you can disconnect bot from Teams by clicking on the bottom left hand corner button “Disconnect bot from Teams“,Refer to the below image for detailed view.

Now for this blog post related i will click on the “Add to Teams” lets see how it appear in the Teams. then it shows it has been added to the teams.

Flip back to the Microsoft Teams home page and click ‘…”  then select More Apps. then select the BUILT BY GMR IT SOLUTIONS LIMITED.

As soon as you click on it and all the developed app from the organisation gets displayed.

Finally the chat bot “Employee Enquiry” gets displayed shown in the above image.

Thats it for today.
I hope this helps.
Malla Reddy aka UK365GUY  🇬🇧

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