How to deal with a stubborn customer?

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The often-used proverb “Customer is the King” is right in its most real sense. But that doesn’t mean that dealing with customers is always easy and comfortable. Sometimes, it can turn out to be the most gruesome adventure of your life. Stubborn customers will reject your suggestions, question you a lot, and in some cases, may also indulge in verbal spats. But that shouldn’t stop you from dealing with them in a sane manner. Dealing with demanding customers can be troublesome. Companies require highly moldable customer service support. 

This article sheds light on seven things companies can do to make a lasting impression on stubborn customers and easily engage with them.

1. Listen to your customers with the utmost attention

One of the most likable attributes of a customer support agent is listening attentively to the customer with utmost patience. They never argue with the customer, nor do they bypass while they are speaking. They imbibe all the information and then find ways to deal with the stubborn customer.

2. Show empathy

Dealing with demanding customers becomes easy when you wear their shoes. Outperforming service agents do the same. They go to the source of the customers’ frustration and try to solve that. They take all the measures to calm down the customer. Moreover, they usually nod while speaking with the customer, which builds a personal rapport and shows that the agent is empathetic towards the customers’ needs.

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3. Keep your voice low

If the customer raises their voice out of sheer frustration, it’s better to keep your voice low. Your calm demeanor will reflect upon them, and they will react accordingly. If the service agent speaks in a calm and relaxed manner, the customers’ anger will gradually dissipate and conditions will come back to normal. 

4. Think as if you are speaking to an audience

While you are dealing with a stubborn customer, make sure that other people are watching you. It will provide you an emotional buffer and make the stubborn customer aware of not exuding abusive behavior. People generally react positively and calmly when they see people watching them and monitoring their actions.

5. Don’t invest much time in dealing with incorrigible customers

Dealing with stubborn customers can be frustrating but never forget that acquiring new customers is about five times as expensive as retaining the existing ones. But sometimes, it’s better to let go off a customer if they are not ready to listen and have made up their mind to fight and create a nuisance. It’s better to compensate them and focus on other people. 

6. Don’t act rudely

Acting rude can land you and your company in a difficult situation. Customers are very socially active these days. One instance of misbehavior can reflect a bad image for the company. People don’t think twice before sharing negative posts on social media. While dealing with difficult customers, keep in mind that there is no use in escalating the matter out of proportion. Keep things simple and straightforward, and find solutions to the problem at the earliest.

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7. Remember that everyone has a bad day

Don’t forget that you are interacting with a human who may be going through a bad day. There may be ample reasons for it — fight with a spouse, verbal spat with the boss, issue a traffic ticket, etc. As a top-notch service agent, you should be considerate towards customers and talk in a friendly, calm, and smooth manner. 


Dealing with stubborn customers can be irritating and can suck your energy. But with a little practice, you can manage it with ease. Learn from your manager and observe how your colleagues are dealing with difficult customers. With time, you will pick up the skills and perform well. 

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