Microsoft Dynamics Profile: From CRM new hire to community advocate

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For a good hour after Priyesh Wagh received his MVP award email on September 1, he couldn’t think about anything else.

“I was so thrilled and totally surprised,” says Wagh, a senior technical consultant at CloudFronts Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai. ‘Being an MVP is surreal.'”

Wagh was nominated in February, and when month after month passed without any update, he pretty much gave up on his chances.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, it didn’t occur to me that I’ll get it someday. So I was totally surprised. The reason this recognition is important is because it helps me grow my outreach to the masses in the Microsoft Dynamics space and help them find resolutions quicker. I always feel delighted if someone gets helped due to my contributions.

However, Wagh actually wasn’t actively working toward being an MVP at any point.

All my efforts were with the intention that I try to [give back to the community] through my blog posts and speaking events. I feel indebted toward the community for helping me in the early days of my career. Hence, I started doing community activities on forums, answering questions, writing blogs, public speaking and some product feedbacks on the Dynamics Insider program.

Wagh’s role at CloudFronts consists of everything from requirements gathering with clients to architecting Dynamics 365 solutions for them, translating business challenges to viable solutions.