CDS/CRM SDK – WS-Trust auth and OrganizationServiceProxy Deprecated, what does it mean?

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Colin Vermander

Announced late last week on was the deprecation of the WS-Trust authentication type as well as OrganizationServiceProxy. Both are connected to the same thing of the WS-Trust authentication being moved away from for a long time now in other Microsoft SDKs and the CDS/CRM SDK is catching up as they modernize the authentication for the SDK. How does this effect you? Does it even effect you?

It really depends on how you have been using the SDK previously in writing your client applications. If you are using a username and password type connection string to connect to your CDS/CRM instance then you will be effected. If you strictly implement OrganizationServiceProxy and not the more generic interface IOrganizationService then you will also be effected.

If you have been using Server-to-Server (S2S) authentication which has been available now for quiet a while with a client Id and either a client…

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