Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training Insights, Session 3: Accounts Receivable

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Welcome back to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) training insights series. In this, our third session, we will be providing training insights on accounts receivable in D365 Finance. We will cover the audience, content, timing, nature, and approach to this training and finish with a quick tip.

Accounts receivable training is for your back office financial personnel such as accounts receivable managers, accounts receivable clerks, credit and collections managers and analysts, and others who are involved with customer billing and payments. These users utilize the financial foundation laid by the core financials team and ultimately manage customer billing process. 

This training covers tasks around customer invoicing, customer payments, customer credit and collections, and sales tax. 

As soon as the learners are trained on core financials, which was covered in our first session, they can start training on accounts receivable functions.

Companies generally establish a core accounts receivables process and vary it slightly to meet different customer needs. These are mostly handled by different configuration options within D365. Similar to the other financial areas, the accounts receivable functions are rarely customized in D365 implementations. The product provides relatively rich functionality for this area.