Vendor invoices in Dynamics 365 Finance: New matching and pre-validation tools

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Recently, I had an opportunity to upgrade my environment to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance PU38 preview. I want to provide a walkthrough of how new features can add more automation to your business processes.

Matching Product receipts to Pending Invoices lines

This has been one feature which we have managed to customize in three different versions of Dynamics ERP: AX 2009, AX 2012, and now Dynamics 365 Finance. And to be honest, the requirement is pretty reasonable from an Accounts Payable processing stand point. There is no guarantee of receiving the goods before the Invoice is sent by the Vendor and there needs to be a mechanism to match receipts with Invoices keyed in. This feature, which utilizes the process automations framework feature, is pretty neat. It provides a single view of the process execution. Below is a quick view of what features the process automations framework provides.

For this particular process, there is a background process that is already created/initialized in my environment and the one highlighted below is the process that matches the Product receipts to Invoice lines. This is available under System administration -> Setup -> Process automations.

This background process is added to batch jobs with the recurrence that you choose, with the name as in the grid.

Here you can see how the batch job can be set for a particular process automation of background processes type.

You can also see the results by clicking on View most recent results.

There are a few parameters that would ensure that this job would run correctly: