Enable enhanced Microsoft Teams Integration with Dynamics 365 CE Apps

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Hello Everyone,

Another lockdown in United Kingdom next Thursday and #stayhome and #staysafe during this pandemic.
This blog post is all about how to integrate Microsoft Teams with Dynamics 365 CE Apps in more enhanced way.  
Let’s gets started.
Login into Dynamics 365 Sales hub and go to Settings > Administration > System Settings
Enable the enhanced Microsoft Teams Integrations click on “yes”.
Go back to the Main Menu of Dynamics 365 Sales Hub, Click on Accounts > open any account record…

Once you open any account record click on the “collaborate” button..

Click on the “Get started” button as shown on the screen shot..

Click on the “Add” button then launch your Microsoft Teams..

Then you will need to make some settings changes, so click on the settings tab on the “teams”, then you need to choose the environment and app you want on the Microsoft Teams from the Settings area on the Teams as below screen shots shows in detail..

Note: Choose an environment and an app. Note: Only environments that are version 9 and higher and Unified Interface apps are supported.

Click on “Save” Button. 
Then click on the My Dashboard then you will be able to see the Dynamics 365 Sales Hub Dashboard and whole app within the Microsoft Teams itself.

Your Dynamics 365 Sales teams can collaborate Teams, without leaving Microsoft Teams and much more from Teams itself.
I hope this helps.
Malla Reddy aka UK365GUY  🇬🇧

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