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Hi, I would like to find a CRM for my parking business company,

My company's situation and business model as follows

  • Main revenue is maintenance contracts with existing customers; secondary revenue is parking product sales.
  • When doing sales we do not always deal with the customer directly – sometimes we deal with contractors or consultants working on behalf of the customer
  • Company has no CRM as of now, everything is manual or Excel
  • Because sales and service staff are very busy and not tech-savvy in general, would appreciate something that's simple to learn, manage and setup. I was recommended Insightly, but it looks too complicated.
  • Would want a CRM that works with automated emails
  • Would want a CRM that can be easily updated. In our industry the staff turnover rate for our customers (normally real estate building management) is quite high, it's not an easy task to keep point of contact updated
  • Don't mind if the CRM is not free but should cover the requirements above (of course if it's free, even better!)

Appreciate your recommendation 'cos there's too many CRMs and don't know which one to start with. Thanks!

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