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I run a small web development company and the last couple of years we have been growing to a point that it is becoming overwhelming to manage a few small issues which add up and we’re not as efficient as we could be.

The team is expanding and I want us to address these issues asap so we don’t lose time or money over small things that can be easily fixed.

The main issue is regarding client management and I believe a good CRM software would really help us and that’s what I’m looking for your advice on.

What would be very important for us, besides the actual CRM, are:

  • Recurring Billing

Most of our clients, after the web development, end up hosting with us or we provide them with maintenance, both of these services are based on either monthly or yearly fees. As the number of clients add up, it keeps getting harder to keep track of when a client needs to pay, whether he has already paid. So it would be essential for us that the CRM solution keeps track of recurring clients, ideally sends an automatic email (monthly or yearly) letting the client know payment is due and we can then check it as paid.

  • Follow Ups

This one is not a must-have, but also very important (not sure if it’s standard in most CRM solutions). For leads handling, it would be nice to have automatic follow-up emails a couple of days after a proposal is sent.

For those of you more experienced in software development companies and CRM, we’d love to hear your feedback and also any advice you may have on scaling client management. Thanks!

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