Simplify Customer Service with an Infor ERP System

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SimplifyCustomerServicewithanInforERPSystemMeet Customers’ Demands with Ease

Customers are the backbone of every company, and meeting your customers’ demands promptly and efficiently allows you to gain their loyalty and repeat business. However, customer demands are frequently evolving, so exceeding their expectations is oftentimes a struggle.


That being said, a manufacturing ERP solution can help you rise to the challenge of always adequately addressing customer concerns, making customer service a breeze for your team. ERP software will meet the challenges of customer service quickly and appropriately.


With Infor’s cloud ERP manufacturing software, in which everything is customizable to fit your unique needs, you can streamline your customer service.

Quickly Address Customers’ Evolving Expectations 

Current technology regularly affects customers’ wants and needs. When they see what technology can do, they have higher expectations. Meeting these high expectations can be a challenge.


But Infor offers demand planning that meets your customer’s expectations as they evolve. The Infor system uses historical and current data coupled with smart predictions to understand what your customers want and when they’ll want it. The software accounts for possible spikes in demand bases on events and can quickly react to changing market conditions, ensuring your company always meets customers’ needs and expectations. 


Rapid Ordering and Delivery 

Infor’s system can also improve your logistics and expedite orders and deliveries. Its solution is equipped with better demand forecasting and inventory management, meaning when a customer orders something, you don’t have to wait to get the necessary materials.


Additionally, Infor ERP software allows businesses to quickly automate the shipping, from printing labels to finding the fastest method and cheapest rate of shipping. This optimizes your performance, thus resulting in faster order fulfillment and delivery, and in turn creating a better customer experience.


Improved Customer Service

Because it’s such a high business priority, Infor’s ERP system improves your customer service instantly by streamlining shipping and supply and demand to deliver the best possible customer experience. A better user experience translates to customer satisfaction which retains your current customers and encourages prospective customers to turn to your business’s services.  


Wrap Up

Your software solution should help you grow your company and should be flexible enough to fit your unique business needs. Infor’s cloud ERP system is scalable and delivers simple accessibility. By utilizing Infor, you can help your company retain current customers while also growing your customer base. 


At Datix, our keen insight into business processes enables us to understand the importance of customer service. If you are looking to take the next steps to implement Infor, we can help. Datix has over 20 years of experience with ERP software, and we only hire the most knowledgeable and skilled consultants. We use our software expertise to help you grow and transform your business. Plus, our consultants stay with your company even after your go-live date to provide continued support. 


Interested in taking the next steps to improve your customer service through Infor’s cloud-based ERP? Contact Datix today to get started!