3 Ways Tracking in CRM Leads to More Sales

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For any company, tracking and managing their leads and sales is very important for improved sales forecasting and boosting revenue. For this, businesses resort to a number of tools and techniques and one such solution is CRM or customer relationship management system. CRM solution helps salespersons to track and manage their leads, to update customer details on the go etc.

For salespeople, it is crucial to track clients, leads and opportunities to increase sales volume. This is why salespeople are the true users of a CRM solution, since they have many people to contact, need to make many calls and create leads and close them successfully.

In a nutshell, CRM forms the keystone for the entire sales department, as it helps salespeople save time and efforts in executing these tasks on a day-to-day basis. Nevertheless, CRM software is not only limited to sales process, since it has other important modules as well. For instance, marketing people too can use a CRM for planning and devising their campaigns.

Here, we will be discussing about how Sage CRM helps to track leads and manage customer data.

1. Tracking Leads

With the help of Sage CRM, you can track a lead, whom it is assigned and what necessary action needs to been taken to convert the lead to opportunity and close it further. Sage CRM allows you to generate lead reports on a monthly or quarterly basis or whatever criteria you define in the system to fetch the reports. In addition, management can also have a track on all the leads the sales team is working upon rendering complete transparency.

2. Going Mobile with CRM

Sage mobile CRM is the perfect companion for sales people of recent times, since their job involves constant traveling and hopping from one city to the other. Sage mobile CRM helps them track their leads and orders on the go from their handheld devices with just a few swipes. This offers unmatched flexibility to the sales people.

3. Smart and Quick Sharing of Customer Data

Sage CRM allows you to share customer data within the organization in a seamless and automated manner. You can add notes against any customer or lead and the information is available to all the active users of the system. So no more discrepancies in your sales pipeline, since everyone is on the same page.

To know in detail as how Sage CRM can help your business turn into a sale powerhouse, click here. You can also drop a mail to us at sales@sagesoftware.co.in or simply SMS SAGE 56767

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