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Even in the first century of the third millennium, many organizations still rely on maintaining CSV files for their sales and marketing purposes. Most of the employees mainly rely on Excel as it is a well known tool and they find it easy to use for their work.

Though Excel is a great tool for projections and keeping track of reports, companies often look for more detailed and easy tools to do their everyday task like tracking a lead and interactions, moreover keeping a record of everything related to their marketing and sales. That is where CRM comes in.

Many CRM tools such as GoDial provide you a mobile application of Auto-dialer with an inbuilt CRM feature. Just call your client and after the call, simply add the feedback or conversation details in the CRM. It helps you and your team to access any customer’s report at any point of time from any place they are in. And as it comes offline so you can update, make changes even if your device does not have an active internet connection at that very point of time.

And CRM is a boon to any business in this pandemic situation. While we are fighting a battle against our invincible enemy called COVID-19, we still have to grow our businesses. It is not always possible for us to be in a good reception area with an active connection and do our work while working from home. But that is what these mobile CRMs are taking care of. Many mobile CRMs are there with offline features where you can modify or add any reports and when the connection is available, it will be automatically updated.

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