Sage CRM: How to maintain and increase Effective Customer Retention Program

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One of the basic and main agenda of every business is to find new ways to increase company revenue. Increase in company revenue ultimately demands for increase in business sales. And when it comes to growing Sales, many salesperson focus in gaining new clients or customers. Although there is nothing wrong in following this approach, but focusing more on bringing new clients for your business usually ends up in disturbing the existing customer maintenance.

An Effective Customer Retention program helps you to identify and track long-term sources of revenue. Below is a list of some tips which will help you understand the easiest and most predictable way of increasing revenue.

So why should you bother Customer Retention?

1. Achieve better conversion rates

Customers who have already bought from you have a good experience of working with you. The level of Trust and Confidence which is already built makes it easy for you to convince or pitch them a new sell by identifying their needs.

Sage CRM enables you to create a list of all the Won sales opportunities along with the contact person details so that you can send them the newsletter informing about the company developments and product updates.

2. Request for the Customer Feedback on Priority

n an average, a dissatisfied customer will usually end up telling your competitors about their bad experience after working with you. This would definitely risk your company with a reduction of customer count as well as Won sales.

Sage CRM will help you launch survey to record customer feedback on periodic basis. As well as the well-developed service module will help to track and address the concerns / issues logged by client.

3. Increased Profits

Selling to an existing customers will help you to focus less on giving discounts, as you might need to think about while approaching new customers. Dependency as well as the level of Service provided till date will ultimately lead in less struggle to sell or cross-sell new products or services.

Sage CRM will help you in identifying your profitable customers through the customer database  maintained and reveal which accounts are responsible for the major amount of revenue on quarterly or yearly basis. You can simply create a list and export it from CRM to start follow-ups and offer them about the rewards or incentives so that they continue to remain your profitable customers.

Make your existing Customer a source of New Customer

Staying involved with the Client after a sale is done will not only help you to gain customer confidence but also improve your product/service by identifying their pain points.

Sage CRM’s scheduling features helps you in creating and assigning follow-ups with the help of appointments, to-do, calls, emails etc. On demand flexibility provided to the existing client will help in improving your product, gain customer trust as well as help in gaining new customers with the reference of old ones.

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